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Check out the movies and games of OnionsXD. they're fricking awesome.
Also I saw The Book of Eli last night. It was pretty cool. Its got all this religious (Christianity) stuff in it,
so you might be slightly let down or confused if you are not some form of Christian, but I thought it also had some good action and a great ending. It also had very good looking skies.
Overall, I give it a 9.0 out of 10.0.
Don't forget about OnionsXD.

Gun Game 2!!!

2010-06-18 11:28:44 by owlixx

Gun Game 2 comes out this week!!! Gun game 1 is by far the best game to ever be submitted to newgrounds, so the sequel can only be better!!! This is momentous!!! Mark your calendars!!!! Prep your energy drinks!!! This is awesome!!!!! Thank Chaz personally!!! Gun Game 2 will be EPIC!!!!!

2000 medal points!!

2009-12-06 08:08:10 by owlixx

I got 2000 medal points!!!! Yay!!!!

World, I publish news posts from time to time. As far as I can tell, nobody enjoys my posts. If you like this blog, and you check once in a while, please, dear God, tell me. i would gladly make more posts if they were actually being read. if you don't like me for some reason, or you think I'm a douche, please leave a comment telling why.I have composed a glorious symphony of games you should, and shouldn't be buying. This is mainly for Xbox 360 owners. First off, don't buy a Wii. If you do, set it on fire and feed it to a paper shredder. When you finish that, take the Wii remotes and chuck them at your neighbors. Then blend Wii Sports and dump it in a volcano. Any other Wii games should be sent into space. Once your left with just the cables, hang yourself with them for wasting $250, oh wait, I mean $199 on a piece of crap that made you kill yourself. That's if you haven't already been injured or killed by the Wii already. The alternative to hanging yourself would be to become a serial killer, using the Wii remotes to bludgeon people to death, or just lend people your Wii and watch them go insane. Also, you can throw Wii fits, I don't mean that crap they call a game, I mean throwing a temper tantrum because of the Wii. I chose selling my Wii, which worked great. I was almost instantly thrown into a Halo 3 addiction. Now, for the buying guide. Don't buy these games: Halo 3 ODST only buy if you don't have Halo 3 yet. Lego Rock Band do I really need to tell you this? it's like telling a kid to not murder people. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 not that bad, but exactly like first game. good if you don't have first, or if your REALLY into superheroes, like me. Band Hero imagine Guitar Hero 5, with Taylor Swift and tween appeal. if your looking for ANY new features at all, check out DJ Hero below. Now, games you SHOULD buy: DJ Hero unique spin on the music genre, obviously has you scratching a turntable through various songs. the best part? the 95 songs in the game are all mash ups of two different songs. Modern Warfare 2 ski missions, extreme violence, and still the best multiplayer in town, this is a game THAT YOU WILL GO BUY/PLAY RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Borderlands imagine Diablo, with guns. 17 million guns. and, to top it off, the best co-op EVER!!!! Dragon Age: Origins probably one of the best RPGs ever. Fable like morality, party building, and plenty of loot for everybody, need I say more? Left 4 dead 2 kill zombies through six campaigns , several multiplayer modes, and with incinderary ammo and melee weapons, you'll be hooked. Note: some of this games are not out yet.

Kodu Game Lab!!!

2009-09-12 07:37:48 by owlixx

This will not make sense if u do not have an xbox 360, So, I was browsing the Indie games when I saw a game called Kodu Game Lab. I looked at it for a while and decided it was cool enough for me to download the demo. Five minutes later, I bought it. Kodu Game Lab is an easier programming language that won't have you reading huge books and pulling your hair out. It's easy to learn, but there's all kinds of things you can do. It's 400 MP, so if you are really short on money, get the demo. Tell me what you think about it in the comments.

Cave of Crap.

2009-09-12 07:20:50 by owlixx

So Cave of Wonders came out a couple days ago. I played it, and I dislike it. It is hard, boring, and offers little replay value besides medals, which is the only reason I continued to play after 30 seconds. I admit, it looks great if your talking about graphics, but the game itself is short and repetitive. Playing as Bomtoons and fighting Luis does not make me like any more. In fact, I would have rather played as a crudely drawn stick man and fought ANY OTHER FLASH DEVELOPER, besides Luis. Well, the wait for time fkuc is now even more intense.

P.S. check out my art!!

Weve been saved!!!!

2009-09-06 10:40:24 by owlixx

Tom Fulp has taken action and egoraptor has been unhacked and duck division is gone!!! Rejoice!!! the art portal is back and newgrounds has been saved!!


2009-09-06 08:44:56 by owlixx

People!!! We are being hacked!!! Egoraptor's account has been stolen!!!! The art portal has been deleted!!! We must make a stand!!! This duck terrorist could delete Newgrounds!!!!!! We must notify Tom and the rest of the staff!!! If we don't do anything, then duck division will remove newgrounds from the face of the earth!!!! Or, he'll replace it with pure gay hentai and porn!!!! Alert everyone you know!!! We must rise against duck division and stop his evil scheme!!! Gather your friends!!!! Gather your family!!! Gather even that guy who makes crappy flash, because if we don't do anything, the duck doomsday will arrive!!! If you ever want to post on the BBS, post a flash, watch a movie, play game, scroll through art, win cash, buy merchandise, listen to music, or even just see who won, then join me, and form a group to fight against the duck division. I would post more but we are wasting our time. Go, and stop duck division.

1000 Medal Points!

2009-09-02 07:22:42 by owlixx

Although no one has heard of me, I will continue to make posts. I have finally reached 1000 medal points! Ater watching the entire street fighter collab, puking, failing, and tossing turtles and nuking them, I have reached 1000 medal points! Rejoice! I executed things, I shot guns, swung swords, failed quizzes, crashed beards, rumbled newgrounds, I even sprouted wings as a fox! I went out of my wat to cheat and get points in ng pass 3, I did smal favors, I dedicayed a lot of time to nuking, shooting, upgrading, and firing a turtle out of a cannon. I, have achieved 1000 medal points.


2009-07-08 09:36:20 by owlixx

I just watched th flash version of creep for the first time! If you havent watched it you should! It made me cry people! Thats the first time a flash has made me cry EVER!